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Nothing makes us happier than helping people. Whether it be tutoring and empowering dyscalculic individuals, working with education professionals, or supporting parents and families.

Improve your confidence and self-worth. We can help you get to where you need to be. Maths Solutions offers highly specialised dyscalculia and maths-related assessments, support, tutoring and professional development services to schools, colleges, universities and workplaces throughout the United Kingdom and across the world. 

"Thank you so much for the support you’ve given our son. You have taught to his individual learning needs to build his confidence, skills and ability, which has helped no end as he’s entered his GCSE’s. You have an understanding of overall welfare around learning and not just achieving grades. How much I value and respect your teaching is reflected in my having recommended you to other people who you’re now helping as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mrs Walters."
Elizabeth Draper
"If you're looking for a Maths Tutors to support, empower and motivate I can unequivocally say that Maths Solutions would be an excellent choice. Just like many parents, we unfortunately realised that our sons maths teachers at school, did not possess the time or resources to effectively teach our son... Their specialist techniques and expertise in dyscalculia, definitely helped him to grasp a wide range of areas that he previously found extremely difficult."
Marvin Williams
"I went from scraping 4s in my mock exams not knowing if I would pass the real thing, to getting a 6 in my actual GCSE! Maria is patient and will go over things as many times as you need."
Elise Pooley
"I recently got some maths lessons for my 16 yr old daughter who turned out to be dyscalculic. It really took the fear out of maths for her. Oddly, she actually looked forward to the tutor sessions as she got to ask questions about maths that she wouldn't/couldn't in school. She felt she learned more in a one hour session than she would learn in weeks of lessons in school. It does make you think of how much time is just wasted in school or how poor the teaching can be. Anyhow, the service is excellent, can't rate it highly enough."
Chris Terry
"Highly recommend Maths Solutions. The tutor was absolutely lovely and able to connect with my son, he’s just passed with a grade 4. We are all very happy."
Kay Edmonds
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