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Overcome maths anxiety and achieve your goals with our superstar tutors!

Proven strategies to unlock potential

Our tutors are equipped with the skills to determine mathematical challenges and the expertise in deploying strategies to overcome them. Together we can navigate any learning challenge and deliver positive outcomes for all.

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Maths Solutions’ team of highly experienced tutors collectively possess over 60 years of experience in supporting learners with diverse needs. Students often come to us disheartened and embarrassed but frequently make progress within just a few sessions! 

The difference is in the detail

When working with anxious learners who often have only experienced failure, providing sensitive and effective support is crucial. Nurturing mathematical confidence is at the heart of what we do.

Online maths tutoring session delivered by Marijke Walters

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Specialised tutoring for learners who struggle with conventional teaching methods

We regularly meet students who aren’t being taught effectively, left feeling hopeless and failed by the educational system or previous tutoring attempts. However, upon engaging with our tutors, many quickly make progresses reclaiming hope and confidence. We’ve seen children proudly dubbing themselves as ‘maths boffs’ and adults moved to tears as they realise they can conquer maths and progress in life. Serving a global audience, our English-based approach accommodates diverse learners, including those following UK or American maths curriculums. From KS2/SATs to A-level and university support, we cater to a wide array of levels and exams.

For those local to the South Yorkshire region, we offer in-person tuition at our teaching centre in Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham. We can also offer online instruction via Zoom and cater to learners aged 10 and above, including adults of all ages.

Meet the team

Our passionate team provide each student with the highest quality service, tuition and resources needed to reach their goals. They are at the heart of everything we do.


"Our son has struggled with Maths throughout school. As a result, in Y9, we took steps to help him and took him to a well known maths tutoring company. He made no progress at all. As he entered Y11 we decided he needed a change of tutor and this is when we found Maths Solutions. Marijke and the team have been the ONLY teachers that have been able to show our son the understanding, which resulted in a two grade jump for his GCSE and for the very first time, he actually started to enjoy maths. If you are reading this because you are wondering if Maths Solutions is for you then you need to get booked in because it is well worth the money and Marijke will absolutely deliver! I would not recommend anyone else. Thank you for all you have done for us."
Vicky Green

common questions

It is normal to feel uncertain about dyscalculia, what to do and where to seek help.

Navigating the challenges of dyscalculia or any learning difficulty can feel overwhelming. In our FAQ section, we tackle common queries, offering insights into different facets of dyscalculia. Our aim is to equip individuals and families with the understanding needed to effectively manage and address this specific learning challenge.

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