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Dyscalculia is much more than just dyslexia with numbers. Together we can navigate its challenges and deliver positive outcomes for all.

dyscalculia assessments

Determine the underlying factors to mathematical challenges and identify strategies to overcome them.

Currently, a comprehensive dyscalculia diagnostic assessment can only be conducted in person. When administered by an APC holder, such an assessment yields a lifelong valid diagnosis report, eligible for University support such as Disability Support Allowance (DSA).

Maria Pittaway delivering personal tutoring

specialist tutoring

Overcome maths anxiety with our superstar tutors.

Our tutors are experienced with learners of diverse needs and a myriad of neurodivergent conditions. Students often come to us disheartened and embarrassed but frequently make progress within just a few sessions! We find a way that works for them. 

Maria Pittaway delivering personal tutoring
Ariel shot of student working at desk during tutoring session


Navigate ASC, ADHD, dyscalculia and other specific learning difficulties.

Marijke regularly reviews and advises on Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and Educational Health and Care Plans (EHCPs). Clarifying targets, interpreting and reading diagnostic reports whilst coaching parents and professionals. Additionally, she shares strategies for maths difficulties and offers recommendations for 504 plans (USA).

Training & Professional Development

Tailored dyscalculia training provides educators, parents and professionals with proven strategies to unlock potential.

Understand dyscalculia with expert guidance. As a leading specialist, Marijke brings unparalleled expertise in delivering impactful training. Trusted by schools, Universities and organisations across the world, she empowers participants with the mechanisms necessary to effectively support dyscalculic individuals. 

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