Dyscalculia & Special Educational Needs (Sen) Support

Navigate ASC, ADHD, dyscalculia and other specific learning difficulties.

Personal and professional experience

Navigating the system with an autistic child and assuming the role of the ‘adult’ and carer within a deaf family, Marijke is equipped with invaluable experience, resilience, and drive to effect positive change in both the dyscalculia and SEN communities.¬†

Understanding and empathy

Marijke’s openness regarding her own experiences and challenges enables her to establish profound connections with her clients. Whether you require assistance with EHCP applications, coaching for yourself or your child, or guidance on accessing support services, Maths Solutions is here to help.¬†

Coaching and support

Understanding and navigating the complexities of any learning difficulty is challenging. Maths Solutions coaching service aims to empower individuals and their families with the knowledge to better understand and manage their condition whilst achieving academic success. 

Determined to make a difference

Together, we can carve a pathway to success.

Marijke’s approach to support extends beyond mere academic tutoring. She recognises the significant influence her coaching can have on the entire family dynamic, aiming to reshape minds and instils newfound confidence not only in mathematics but all facets of life. With personal experience in navigating the special needs system, Marijke empathises with the struggles families encounter. From advocating for her Deaf family members to supporting her autistic daughter, Marijke understands more than most the importance of getting appropriate support for your loved ones and the challenges it brings.

Support beyond academic tutoring

Direct experience in navigating intricate systems and advocating for oneself and one's family.

Marijke Walters offers comprehensive support in various areas, leveraging both professional expertise and personal experience:

  • Dyscalculia and special needs in schools advice and advocacy:¬†Guiding families through challenges and advocating for appropriate support in educational settings.
  • Individual Education Plans (IEP) and Educational Health and Care Plans (EHCP):¬†Tailoring educational plans to meet individual needs and empowering families to advocate effectively.
  • Reading Diagnostic Reports: Deciphering reports and providing clarity during the assessment process.
  • Coaching support for parents and individuals with dyscalculia: Empowering parents and dyscalculic individuals with practical strategies to overcome challenges and build confidence.
  • Coaching and support for professionals with dyscalculia: Supporting professionals with dyscalculia-related challenges in their careers.
  • Parental guidance: Advice and support on how to help your child with maths.¬†
  • 504 recommendations (USA): Assisting families with understanding and implementing 504 recommendations.


"Marijke has been a cornerstone in my journey as an adult newly diagnosed with ADHD. Her tailored guidance and understanding have been pivotal in helping me adapt to and manage my symptoms effectively. Facing the complexities of a late diagnosis, Marijke's expertise and empathetic approach have not only equipped me with practical strategies but also instilled a sense of confidence in navigating daily challenges. Her support has been transformative, making a significant impact on my personal and professional life. I am profoundly thankful and highly recommend her to anyone navigating ADHD at any stage of life."
Joe Deary
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