What is dyscalculia? 

Definition from the BDA (British Dyslexia Association)

Dyscalculia definition Dyscalculia is a
Dyscalculia definition Dyscalculia is a

In the UK, awareness of dyscalculia is slowly building. Children who were labelled 'stupid' in previous generations are now starting to access the support they need. Intervention by a qualified maths expert makes an enormous difference to the progress a learner can make in maths.


Suddenly 'it makes sense'.

I am that expert your child needs. In fifteen years of teaching I have not failed one of my students. However, I continue to study and learn how to improve my maths teaching even further, finding ways to better help my learners. I am currently enrolled on a Level 7 MA degree in Dyscalculia, with the intention of working towards the completion of a PhD, hopefully benefitting current and future generations of struggling mathematicians.