Dyscalculia Specialists

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Dyscalculia Specialists

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Dyscalculia Specialists

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We change lives

Maths Solutions offers highly specialised dyscalculia and maths-related assessments, support, tutoring and professional development services to schools, colleges, universities and workplaces throughout the United Kingdom and across the world. 

Marijke Walters smiling whilst delivering a dyscalculia assessment


Nothing makes us happier than helping people.

Marijke Walters, Founder of Maths Solutions, offers tailored support for families navigating dyscalculia, autism, ADHD, and learning difficulties. With a background in cancer immunology, she transitioned to education to make a meaningful impact. As a caregiver in a Deaf family and a parent of an autistic child, she advocates fiercely and offers firsthand insight into accessing support. Her coaching extends beyond academics, rewiring minds and nurturing mathematical confidence. 


Dyscalculia Assessments

Do you or your child have mathematical learning difficulties? Only through assessments and screening can you accurately determine the root cause of the challenges.
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Specialist Tutoring

Overcome maths anxiety and acheive your goals. Students often come to us disheartened and embarrassed but frequently make progress within just a few sessions!
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Navigate ASC, ADHD, dyscalculia and other specific learning difficulties with empathy and understanding extending far beyond the classroom.
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Professional Development

Trusted by schools, Universities and organisations across the world, Marijke Walters empowers participants with the mechanisms necessary to effectively support dyscalculic individuals.
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Our tutoring and diagnostic assessments cater to both children and adults. We also offer professional development and training on maths and dyscalculia-related topics to educational institutions and workplaces.

“I feel very strongly about the accessibility of maths for everyone and that it is my duty to help children and adults on that journey of maths discovery. I know that enjoyment in maths builds confidence in maths.

Now, as a dyscalculia specialist assessor I strive to emphasise the ‘why’ behind mathematical concepts, avoiding overly simplistic approaches. I aim to foster mathematical confidence in individuals who may have felt ‘stupid’ due to never having been taught in a way that truly resonates with them.”Marijke Walters, Founder


We can help you get to where you need to be.

Marijke and the Maths Solutions associates have subject matter expertise that empowers professionals and allows students to flourish, collectively possessing over 60 years of experience in supporting learners with diverse needs. Together, we can carve a pathway to success determining the underlying factors to mathematical challenges and implimenting strategies to overcome them.

Virtual learning via video call with Maths Solutions


"Marijke's skill at delivering enjoyable and interactive lessons to our teenage daughter has been a revelation. Having been diagnosed with Dyscalculia in Y11 and the worry over her ever achieving the pass in Maths her career aspirations needed, Marijke has made a huge difference to her confidence. She is actually laughing in the sessions when Maths normally reduces her to tears. Whilst much hard work lies ahead but with Marijke's help we finally stand a chance. Thank you."
Perry Shears
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