BSL Maths for d/Deaf
1:1 online maths tuition 

As the only hearing child in a Deaf family (mother father Deaf, sister Deaf), I feel very strongly about the educational opportunities d/Deaf people have.


Deaf people are often left behind. Evidence shows that children with HI are  on average two grades behind their hearing peers in GCSE examinations. I want to change that!

I have been teaching maths for 15 years now, the last two of which in a School for the Deaf. I am a confident BSL user and can support my maths teaching with total communication, either through BSL, SSE, or oral with visual support.

I want to support d/Deaf children and adults with maths. If you have the ability, I have the skills to support you in achieving a GCSE qualification in maths.

I have also made some maths videos with BSL support; this will give you an idea of how I teach my lessons. If you have any requests, please let me know on